iPhone & iPad

Digital subscription activation

Bloomberg Businessweek+ for iPhone and iPad is available from the AppStore.

Bloomberg Businessweek+ for Samsung phones and tablets is available from GooglePlay.

To activate your Bloomberg Businessweek digital subscription on your iPhone or iPad:


Go to the Apple iTunes app store
and download the Bloomberg Businessweek+ app.


Open Bloomberg Businessweek+ app from Newsstand


Tap "Activate Now" under the "Existing Subscribers" section


Tap "Print Subscriber - US or Canada" or "Print Subscriber - International" to indicate your location


To activate you will need to have your:

  1. a) Bloomberg Businessweek magazine account number* or
  2. b) The email address and zip code as listed on your account

Tap "Activate" to activate your subscription.

*You can reference your 10 digit (US or Canada) or 8 digit (International) account number on the confirmation page generated during your order transaction or on the confirmation email you receive 24-48 hours after your order transaction. It also shown on your print label in area highlighted below.